Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Flipboard faces issues with Google Reader feeds, promises fix

This was probably the last thing users mourning the loss of Google Reader wanted to hear. Reports had emerged on Tuesday that Flipboard had “lost” RSS feeds of users even as Reader died. The company has promised a fix for the issue soon.

Reports had emerged that users were being unable to find their feeds on the Flipboard app despite migrating on to the service. Users took to Twitter and other social networking websites to vent their anger, forcing Flipboard to issue a statement that the feeds were safe and sound. The app makers said that there were issues with the feeds, temporary in nature, thanks to all the content that was going into the system. It needed a bit more time for all the feeds to populate.
Issues will be fixed soon, promises Flipboard
Issues will be fixed soon, promises Flipboard

Thanks to this temporary glitch, Flipboard said that users found that their summary feed was not working. Additionally, some users also found some content missing, but the company has assured that this problem was only going to exist till they found a solution to it. The team did not specify how long the issue would take to sort itself out, but said that these feeds would start working “soon”.

Clearly, the issue could not have come at a worse time for Flipboard, with Google Reader’s demise playing out on social networking websites in its entirety. It caused quite a bit of a scare for users who suddenly discovered that they needed to keep their feeds safe and migrate them to another reader.

Flipboard is one of the leaders in the race to pick up where Google Reader left off. The application that runs on both iOS and Android is visually rich and tries to take a more visual route to displaying news and social feeds.

Meanwhile, if you’ve just crawled out from under a rock to realise Google Reader is dead and you need to get all your feeds back, fret not. Head on to Google Takeout till July 15 and download your feed archive from Google Reader. Then check out our list of top three alternatives for Google Reader and embrace a new RSS reader.

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